Omega Apparel is located in Smithville, Tennessee and is solely a manufacturer.  We continue our work with the US Military but are always looking for new customers!  Please contact us here for more information or to talk with us further about your production needs!



Omega was founded in Smithville, Tennessee in 1994 as a contract manufacturer of dress military uniforms for the US Armed Forces. From the very beginning, Omega has always maintained a commitment to quality and to American values.

That commitment continues today as Omega has expanded its services beyond military apparel and into mainstream fashion. From small scale, startup designers to national clothing brands, Omega now provides design resources, production capabilities, and even fulfillment to a wide range of clients. 



We have a twofold mission at Omega Apparel. First, we want to Create Jobs for Omega and the entire Apparel Industry. We create jobs by being the absolute best at what we do. Second, we are building a Great Place to Work




Join the Team

Our greatest assets at Omega are our Teammates. We are creating a workplace that is filled with highly engaged individuals who take pride in the customers we serve, the quality of the work we produce, and are committed to each other and our 5 Foundations (Values).